10 Tutorial Photoshop Menarik

1. Splash effect tutorialThis tutorial explains how to use the splash effect, giving you agan opportunity to express themselves.Please Click here for you to learn ..
2. How to create an effect of imaginationIn this tutorial, we'll create a photo manipulation using different techniques. We can customize each layer and element to make a compact final image. We can also use a few photos and little effect to make this work. Want to try? Learn Here

3. How to Create dynamic distortion effectsExpand your imagination dynamics in effect, so make the other person was struck by the results. This is really great technique! Learn Here

4. How to create effects that are simple but colorfulThis is the most popular tutorials, teaching you how to create beautiful artwork from an image that simple! Learn Here

5. Effect of light on the photo to make it look niceThis effect can be used from a still coba2 to advanced! Want to try? Learn Here

6. How to make a photo with a vibrant effect.If you enjoy wearing this effect then you should try. This is the result of outstanding work! Learn here

7. How to create special effects for the person in a position diphoto nge-DanceThis effect may be quite challenging. Because of this effect using a combination of photo and some effects are a little difficult. But if it is successful then the result is amazing. Want to try? Learn Here

8. How to make the effect look like a speeding carSame like cool cars? Make the effect of light on the car image so it looks like you took a picture in a state speeding. Learn Here

9. How to make the photo less stylizedAdd a modest effect on your photos and make your photo more cool! Please learn

10. How to create a photo effect becomes brighterThis only adds Brush effects and color games. For those who frequently use these two effects it would have no trouble. Want to try? Learn here
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