Trik membersihkan wajah dengan photoshop

Your face or you could say a lot of acne pockmarks? Do not worry because it can be removed with this photoshop technique. Congratulations to follow ...

This technique is the most basic techniques for manipulating skin contours of the face or unwanted. The techniques are more advanced and complicated to be discussed in another post ... : D
The first step to open first your photos or other images that have corresponding facial contours above criteria. About a face like this example that I use (though more visible in the zoom)

wash face

Well, now you zoom the face that you open it then locate the area which will be in the clear. After that you open the patch tool (j). The patch tool has two kinds of use of source and destination (see the bottom of the menu). In source mode, the selection area will be replaced with the destination area. While the destination mode, the selected area will be stricken to the destination area. So the two modes is opposite works. If you use source mode (the default) then your selection will be in the clear area (area of ​​the stain) and then you drag the selection area to the clean skin, then the last automatic spot area will be stricken with a clean area. Do it over and over again in another spot to get a clean image results, like this example:

wash face

Things to know that try to do this process in the skin that has a similar hue. If not then the result will look timpanya and make photographs to be less good.

In addition to the face, this technique can also be used for other things, such as eliminating the wound, removing moles, etc.. Good luck.

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