All-Radio 3.32 Multilanguage | 11.04 MB

All-Radio 3.32 Multilanguage | 11.04 MB

All-Radio - program gives you access to 2500 radio stations and 1,200 television channels from all over the world (100 countries). The program collected almost all radio and TV stations broadcast in Russian. A positive point is that you do not need to update the program to supplement the list of stations. When you run the latest listings automatically loaded from the server developers.

The main advantages of All-Radio:
- Many collected in the program of radio and TV stations. As a not very known and popular. Among them, notably the Russian Radio, Radio Chanson, Lighthouse, our radio, Radio Hit FM, Radio Maximum, TV channel Rambler TV, TV News, TV channel RBC TV. And this is just a small part. To date, the program collected: Radio - 2498, TV stations - 1121 Video - 135. In this list of updated weekly (for the user is automatically updated when the program starts). All stations are grouped by country, which makes them find the most convenient;
- Work in the background.
All-Radio program by one mouse click minimizes to tray. You can enjoy listening to the radio through the internet and do their own thing, and the program you will not be an eyesore.
- To record, as the radio (music), and TV broadcasts (streaming video).

- Ability to create, its radio
- Records in MP3 format with bitrates from 32 to 320 (stored in recordings)
- Record in MP3 format, mono, stereo, j-stereo
- Limiting MP3 recording in minutes
- Automatic updating of the list of stations
- Function of the elected
- Ability to add your favorite stations
- Ability to send their stations on the server (to be added to the list after validation)
- Ability to record streaming video (except for flash)
- Restriction to record streaming video in megabytes
- Proxy support (only for the module to record video)
- Support for password (change password, database)
- Full support for Windows Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
- Support for 15 database servers (database servers by 15)
- When writing MP3 files, the possibility of cutting the songs, provided that between songs, there is a pause, without a sound.


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