System Explorer | 3.5.1 | Multilingual | 2 MB

System Explorer 3.5.1 ML | 2.04

System Explorer - Task Manager for Windows. Functional, a small utility that can completely replace the standard Windows Task Manager. In the System Explorer are strictly structured and laid out on shelves. Each section includes a subsection, in which there are basic manipulations. Section deals with monitoring the monitoring system: the usage of system memory, paging file usage, running processes. Do not miss the System Explorer and processes using the network. From the "system" can no longer required to uninstall the program, change the startup operating system, device drivers view. In general, if you are not satisfied with the standard Windows Task Manager, try the System Explorer.

- Details about the tasks, processes, installed drivers and programs, IE supplements, as well as open files and connections
- A simple test file through
- Easy access to the "Utilities" OS
- Create image files and registry
- Smart Startup Manager

Changes in System Explorer 3.5.1:
- Fixed issues with storing of some config items
- Fixed invalid resize of performance graphs

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